Frank GannonSince Jan 2011, I am the Director and CEO of the QIMR Berghofer Medical reaearch Institute in Brisbane Australia. This a large and very successful research Institute (approximately 600 employees and growing) that focusses on cancer ,Infectious Diseases and Mental Health/Complex Disorders. I enjoy the challenge of developing strategies to ensure that the Institute continues to grow its reputation and  to translate its findings into Clinical or comnmercial use. I also have a small research group that studies how gebnes are expressed in cancers (breast and endometrial mostly).

This is a change form my last position as the Director General of Science Foundation Ireland(2007-2010). SFI is the major funding agency in Ireland with its funding going to researchers in the higher education institutes.  It supports top quality research that falls into areas of strategic relevance for Ireland’s economic future – Lifescience, ICT and Energy. 

Prior to that, I was Executive Director of EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organisation)  (1994-2007) in Heidelberg, Germany and in addition to running and developing that organisation I also had an active Research Group.  Previously I have worked in France (in Strasbourg in the laboratory of Pierre Chambon) (1975-1981), Madison, Wisconsin (1973-1975) (with Jack Gorski, now deceased) and Leicester in the UK, where I did my PhD with Ken Jones (1970-1973).  I also spent a number of years in the University in Galway, Ireland with responsibilities for biotechnology and, as Director of the National Diagnostic Centre (1981-1994). 

 From all of that, you can deduce that my areas of interests range from real science (particularly in the area of cancer research), the linkage between research and the economy or patient care, the world in which scientists work and live, and European strategy and policy.  In the latter context, I was one of the 22 members of an advisory group to the EU Commissioner (ERAB), and vice president of EUROHORCs (the heads of the European Research Councils).

 This is my personal blog and the views expressed in this blog are mine and should not be construed or assumed to represent the official or unofficial views any of the other organisation I have been associated with. I write about diverse topics as the mood and the need to write dictates to me


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