We are delivering – Snap shot three

WE ARE DELIVERING: relevant discovery research

Our scientists:

  • Presented a paper on ‘The economics of skin cancer prevention’ to the World Health Organization.
  • Developed a mouse model to study Zika virus.
  • Described the genetic differences between those that have Barrett’s oesophageus and develop oesophageal cancer and those that don’t get the cancer.
  • Published information on genes associated with the risk of endometrial cancer.
  • Provided the first description of the anti-metastatic (prevention of secondaries) potential of the cancer immunotherapy we have developed.

WE ARE DELIVERING: research with practical consequences for the community

  • We developed and launched a personal skin cancer risk prediction tool for doctors and patients which can be delivered over the web.
    > Try the skin cancer risk prediction tool
  • We showed that melanoma rates in Australia are declining (a world first). Our recommendations for many years have been followed and are effective.
  • We have entered into an agreement to license technology that will help clinicians define the best treatment for pre-term babies who often have reduced oxygen levels in their blood.
  • Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research program provides lectures in Cairns, Toowoomba and Rockhampton, with more locations planned for later this year. To date more than 1,200 students have been introduced to science and scientists from the Institute, and this number is growing annually.

WE ARE DELIVERING: progressive policies

  • We have introduced a novel ‘Entrepreneurs’ Leave of Absence’ policy to remove barriers for those that wish to take a temporary step away from the Institute and into a biotechnology company.
  • To help retain female researchers after maternity, we now provide financial support to allow them to balance their family/work demands, for instance by hiring a babysitter. We have a very high proportion of women in lead research positions (35%) and 53% of new faculty appointments in the last 5 years were women, but we want them and us to do better.

WE ARE DELIVERING: new ways of promoting commercialising research

  • We have established The SEED Box® (Scientific Exploitation and Entrepreneurial Development) to nurture and mature promising commercial projects.
  • CSL have joined us to identify, manage and support our Proof of Concept proposals.

Thanks to support from our donors and Queensland Health. As you can see, WE ARE DELIVERING.

QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute


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