We are delivering – Snap shot two

WE ARE DELIVERING: Quality Research

  • Three of our researchers are in the world’s top 1% Cited Authors in 2015
  • We received two Research Excellence Awards from the NHMRC
  • The World Congress of Psychiatrics selected one of our researchers for their Young Investigator Award 2015
  • 27 of our researchers have had a research paper that has been cited more than 1000 times

WE ARE DELIVERING: Relevant Research

  • 70 per cent of our teams have direct collaborations with clinicians
  • 50 per cent of our research is in Disease Oriented Discovery and 50 per cent is further along the path to translation
  • We recently collected the first brain images from the Herston Imaging Research Facility (established in collaboration with UQ, QUT and Metro North HSS)

WE ARE DELIVERING: Competitive Research

  • We were ranked second of all institutes and universities in Queensland and second in Australia for research funds awarded to institutes by the NHMRC to medical research
  • We provided four of the 10 named investigators from Queensland on the successful application by the Australian Genome Health Alliance

WE ARE DELIVERING: Translated Research

  • We published an extensive series of papers that showed how lifestyle choices are responsible for 37,000 new cases of cancer in Australia every year
  • We signed a very significant agreement with Atara Bio-therapeutics to deliver more immunotherapy solutions for a range of diseases. This follows an earlier major agreement with Bristol Myers Squibb for the application of other forms of immunotherapy
  • We launched a new immunotherapy trial for the treatment of glioblastomas (brain cancer)

Thanks to support from our donors and Queensland Health. As you can see, WE ARE DELIVERING



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