We are delivering – Snap shot one

There is always a balance to be reached between boasting about achievements and hiding a candle under a bushel.  QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute tries to get its messages out through the media.  There are frequent press releases and some of these get amplified.  However I don’t think we have really managed to do ourselves justice in showing just how great this Institute is.

So to step out of character 🙂 I thought I should launch a new occasional message from the Institute which I am calling We are delivering.  The first of these which highlights aspects of our work is below. It covers some aspects that were highlighted last month.  When you read it you will see that QIMR Berghofer really is a world-leading Institute, fulfilling many of the diverse tasks that you would expect when all those that are in the Institute are committed to having an impact on society through the research which we perform.  This is what we are doing:


WE ARE DELIVERING—Quality research

  • We published 506 peer reviewed  papers last year. That corresponds to two per working day. This is more than the papers published by any other well-known Medical Research Institute in Australia
  • Our papers are important for researchers world-wide. They were cited
    36 000 times in the last five years. This is more than the citations of  publications by any other Medical  Research  Institute in Australia.

WE ARE DELIVERING—Relevant research

  • A recent report from the Times Higher Education shows that we are ranked 7th in the world for citations used  in patent disclosures. No other Australian university or institute made this list of the 15 top providers of information that led to the patent.

WE ARE DELIVERING—Competitive research

  • We were awarded three of the nine EU-Australia research grants, and are the only Queensland institute to be successful
  • In a national  peer reviewed competition, we were  one of five recipients of a special grant ($6.4 million) to extend our work on dementia. There were no other successful Queensland applicants.

WE ARE DELIVERING—Translated research

  • We announced a very major collaboration agreement with Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) a world leader in Immuno-oncology. Immunotherapy is the fastest growing and most promising new approach to cancer treatment and we are recognised as world leaders
  • Research from our laboratories forms the basis for 27 clinical trials that are currently ongoing and we are participating in 23 other external trials
  • We announced, in collaboration with the University of Hong Kong, the start of a phase II clinical trial for the treatment of a specific head and neck  cancer that is prevalent in South East Asia. This is fully funded by donations from Hong Kong.

Thanks to support from our donors and Queensland Health. As you can see,

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